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Social media users share times when technology glitched


Technology is supposed to make life easier. But these photographs prove that’s not always the case. 

Social media users from around the world have shared snaps of the most comical technological mishaps, with the best examples collated in a gallery by .

One snap shows a phone from which flipped its screen on thhe side without warning.  

Meanwhile, a photo AI confuses a woman’s face with a piece of pasts, and an apple watch states ‘0’ is too high a heart rate.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most baffling photos…  

Well, if there’s ever been a reason to stop working out it’s healthy living not being ‘available’ in your country

This UK train station has a message for all those people who are running around without faces: start wearing them!

Android malfunction! This phone user in Indonesia was left baffled by the change in orientation

In a similar vain, Siri is talking in riddles again and no one can quite decipher this absolute conundrum

This Japanese phone user was confused when her calorie counter said her dog was a filling meal

The London underground trains are known for 크리에이티브 연구소 their reliability most of the time, 크리에이티브 연구소 but sometimes they’re not trains, they’re pies

This American mother was left confused because her emoji looked like it was possessed 

This California restaurant was so generous in offering their customer a new code when their didn’t work, a whopping 0 dollars!

As far as websites designs go, 크리에이티브 연구소 this one has to be one of the worst, and they actually had the gall to ask if it was good

Forget Around The World In 80 Days, this jogger completed a whole world circuit in while running at zero miles per minute 

Working hard or hardly working! One potential employee came across the dreaded question in any application form, and was met with a terrible answer

Being compared to a piece of pasta by a photo app’s AI is quite possibly the worst kick to the gut  from a computer

Grammar service, Grammarly, will surely be embarrassed about this epic slip up after a glitch claimed ‘everyn’t’ was a real word

Quick, hurry, there’s an urgent emergency alert! If only anyone at all could read it and decipher the meaning

Unfortunately for the language app, Duolingo, ‘qu'’ is not in the French dictionary and never will be

Apple Watch users everywhere should probably know that a 0 bpm heart rate is in fact flatlining, not too high