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Laurence Fox denies racism calls after 'Get kneeling, f*****s' tweet


Actor Laurence Fox has blasted social media giant after his account was suspended over a controversial post on Manchester City star Benjamin Mendy.

Fox, 43, also defended himself from accusations of racism after he tweeted: 슬롯사이트 ‘Get kneeling, f*****s’ as news broke of World Cup winner Mendy being charged with four counts of rape and sexual assault.

Fox admitted his initial post was ‘provocative’ but denied any claims of discrimination, pointing to the fact his original tweet did not reference race. 

In a six-post thread shared Friday morning, the outspoken actor-turned-political campaigner slammed professional footballers as ‘hypocrites’ and ‘mega-rich babies’. 

Fox’s outburst follows news that Manchester City’s Benjamin Mendy, who plays left back for the Premier League champions, was to be immediately suspended by the club pending an investigation. 

Mendy, 27, is due to appear at Chester Magistrates’ Court today to face five charges relating to three people aged over 16 that are alleged to have taken place between October last year and this month.  

Actor-turned-political campaigner Laurence Fox, 43,  has blasted social media giant Twitter after his account was suspended after he tweeted: ‘Get kneeling f*****s’

Fox’s Twitter account was suspended after his ‘provocative’ tweet that caused a furious backlash online

Benjamin Mendy, 27, (pictured above on August 7 playing for Manchester City) has been charged with four counts of rape and sexual assault

At 11pm Thursday, Fox shared a screenshot of an email indicating his Twitter account was being suspended for ‘violating our rules against hateful conduct’.

He had earlier posted: ‘Get kneeling, f*****s’ after sharing a breaking news story that Benjamin Mendy had been charged with four counts of rape and sexual assault. 

But explaining his actions on Friday morning, Fox defended himself from accusations of discrimination and instead pointed the finger at ‘predatory’ professional footballers.

He also added that he was ‘instructing footballers to kneel for victims of rape and sexual assault committed by footballers’. 

Fox tweeted: ‘ For too long, footballers have been portrayed as saints with the highest moral virtue. 

‘When all too often they prey on young women using their fame, then use money & power to buy silence in a way ordinary men never could.

‘Perhaps in light of the most recent case, they should take the knee to the victims of sexual assault & rape?To own their own mess? 

‘After all, these are not crimes committed by police officers 1000s of miles away, but by broken role models from within their own ranks?

In a six-post thread shared on Friday (above), the outspoken actor slammed professional footballers as ‘hypocrites’ and ‘mega-rich babies’

‘But they won’t.It’s easier to project their piety in the name of racial justice than to look to the sins committed by their colleagues.

‘This is why I have consistently rejected being lectured by professional footballers. They’re hypocrites: mega-rich babies who readily & ludicrously take the position of the oppressed, when all too often they have been the ones abusing their huge power for nefarious reasons.

‘Nothing in my admittedly provocative tweet was about race, although it is with crushing predictability that it was spun this way by my political opponents & the usual media grifters. 

‘Instead I was instructing footballers to kneel for the victims of rape & sexual assaults committed by footballers – a point none of the usual, vocal campaigners picked up on ad they clamoured to shoot the messenger & once again avoid the inconvenient message.’  

Fox had previously been embroiled in a bitter Twitter spat following accusations of racism, and even revealed he was dropped by his agent last November over his outbursts.

He was also involved in a heated debate with academic and ethnicity lecturer Rachel Boyle on BBC1’s Question Time last January after she called him ‘a white privileged male’. 

Benjamin Mendy plays for Manchester City against Tottenham Hotspur in London on August 15

Mendy is due to appear at Chester Magistrates’ Court in Cheshire today (file picture)

Mendy, who was born in Longjumeau in the Paris suburbs, has played for Manchester City since 2017, when he joined from Monaco for a reported £52million. 

A Cheshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘The Crown Prosecution Service has authorised Cheshire Constabulary to charge a man in connection with allegations of sexual assault.

‘Benjamin Mendy, aged 27, has been charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault.

‘Mendy, of Prestbury, has been remanded in police custody and is set to appear at Chester Magistrates’ Court on Friday, August 27.’ 


Laurence Fox drags his kids into anti-vaxx row: Actor says he’ll BAN he and Billie Piper’s boys from school because he fears they’ll have Covid jab without his permission

By Richard Eden and Juliet Conway for the Daily Mail

Laurence Fox says he could remove his children from school because of his opposition to the Government’s Covid vaccination programme.

Fox, 43, who played Sergeant Hathaway in ITV detective series Lewis, has two sons with his former wife, actress Billie Piper, 38.

Fox says he will educate them at home rather than let them be vaccinated without his consent.

‘Every parent who loves their children should resist this insanity,’ said the actor-turned-political campaigner.

‘I will not be sending my kids back to school.I will educate my kids at home from now on. The rushed vaccination of children, for no reason whatsoever, shows how deeply morally corrupt this regime has become. I look forward to reading with them at home and staying the hell away from the authorities.’

Laurence Fox, 43, says he could remove his boys from school over fears they’ll be vaccinated without his consent (pictured with ex-wife Billie Piper in 2015)

Fox shares custody of his children with Miss Piper, whom he divorced in 2016, but she declined to comment on whether she would approve their removal from school.

Fox was reacting to reports that the NHS had drawn up plans to start vaccinating 12-year-olds from the first week schools go back, with health officials quoted as saying that children would not need parental consent under the schools’ jabs programme.

Vaccines are currently being offered to those aged 16 and 17.

Yesterday a coroner concluded that BBC radio presenter Lisa Shaw, 44, died due to complications of the AstraZeneca vaccination.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Fox said: ‘Following the tragic death of BBC journalist Lisa Shaw from vaccine-related complications, and the unending lies about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, I will not be sending my children to school until I have received a cast-iron guarantee that my children will not be vaccinated without the consent of both parents for a disease that has negligible chance of serious illness to them.’

He added: ‘We are in the middle of a mass delusion and it is time for people to wake up.Children’s lives are at risk.

‘However, I fully support the provision of vaccination for children in vulnerable groups with fully informed parental consent.’

Earlier this year Fox complained about the cost of his offspring’s education. ‘I hate paying private school fees for my children,’ said the actor, who was expelled from £43,665-per-year boarding school Harrow. 

‘If it was my choice, I wouldn’t be doing it, because I just think it’s a waste of money.

‘What’s the point in spending money so you can teach them all to be posh and hang around with other elite parents?Boring.’

The actor, who shares two sons with former wife, actress Billie Piper, 38, says he will educate them at home instead.Pictured: The couple with one of their children as a baby in 2008

He was married to Secret Diary Of A Call Girl star Miss Piper for eight years. 

The actress, whose education at the Sylvia Young theatre school was cut short when she became a pop star aged 15, also has a child with her boyfriend, the musician Johnny Lloyd.

Fox – whose illustrious acting dynasty includes his father, James Fox, and cousin, Silent Witness star Emilia Fox – was dropped by his agent last year after a string of social media comments that critics deemed racist.

Two months earlier he had launched his own political party, Reclaim, which he set up in a bid to ‘reclaim British values’. 

A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘No decisions have been made on vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds and it is inaccurate to suggest otherwise.Ministers have not yet received further advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation on this cohort.’