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Interior Designing your Home with Love


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Also if you do not have the cash to spend all at once, that should be fun too.After all it is your home you intend to design it and so why should it not be a relaxed time stretched and an enjoyable experience. Make notes of all that you would like in your home, and then start the plan!

Begin to Group

Get all the paintings, wall hangings and curio collection together and think of how you want them displayed and mounted. Fix the spots with nails on the wall or set the required tables. Grouping of your collection of artifacts, curios, paintings and other collections will help you define every space in your home.

For example, you have a collection of Wedgewood and they are largish urns, then you will have to place them on the floor, or a low table with a marble top, the cool partially reflective stone will help to highlight the opaque texture of Wedgewood and help group them together.

Once you have sorted grouping and the nails in place, it’s time to get the walls prepared.

Group by

  • Theme
  • Color
  • Scale and Proportion
  • Eclectic Options

Get the Walls Toned

You have decided on doing the interior designing of your house, and want to stagger the expense that is fine. Get the walls done to suit all the elements you have sorted. The more elements you have in mind go for more neutral or matching tones. The only aspect of the interior designing you have sorted before do

Final Touches Having con

Final Touches Having considered the various elements in deciding the interior designinterior design of your home, the small details are very important. Like with the geometric upholstery, it may be a good idea to tone down definite prints with soft white floral cushion covers for the small pillows, you may want to throw around and deep silk hues for the larger pillows for the layered look. You can actually visit a store and have them display the fabric draped and call for many prints within the color scheme, and check it out. Detailing needs to be done with care, because with detailing you are enhancing the central theme as well as the eclectic choice you made. While checking the details, you need to make sure the tones of the walls are not over powered. The furniture upholstery fabric is not too layered with pillows. Scale and proportion cannot be over looked. The size of the displays should be in harmony with the size of the room and proportional to the furniture, generally the carpet defines the seating area. Defining and centering can be achieved by a break in the floor patterns, materials and margins with the way the floor is laid. The bed in a bedroom, a large desk in the study can be space-defined or centered with floor patterns.

Enjoy designing your home exactly the way you dreamed.