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Fighting Depression

I just want you guys to know that your not alone. I just want you guys to know that you aren’t fighting this battle alone. I just want you guys to know some days are great! Some days are good! Some days are bad! Just know we are all fighting this fight together and never […]

Gratitude Challenge #2

Gratitude Challenge!! I know sometimes we get caught up thinking about all the things we want and don’t have we forget about all the blessings placed in front of us. So we put together this challenge to help you guys remember to thank whoever you worship for what you have!! Who is a person in […]

Truck Driver

I am truck driver and I developed PTSD from a bad truck crash. Below are some coping methods I use to help me cope with PTSD. Coping Methods 1.Meditation and Prayer 2. Take frequent break to gather my thoughts. 3. Listen to motivational speakers 4. Read self-improvement books

Stay at home mom/Entrepreneur

How I Deal With Claustrophobia Most people that deal with claustrophobia has no idea where it comes from.  As far back as I can remember, I have always been claustrophobic. As a child I was terrified to get on elevators, hated being in crowded rooms, scared to sleep with my bedroom door closed, airplanes, and […]

Police Officer

Police officer Coping methods 1. When things start to get overwhelming I will take a five minute break to get myself together. 2. I also just try to control what I can control and usually when I remind myself of this it helps me deal with my anxiety.


Being in HR comes with responsibilities like dealing with others problems and helping them solve them but it can cause you to forget about your own problems and issues. The anxiety I feel at work is feeling like I’m never doing enough or that I will let those down that trusted me to do my […]

Coping methods for Coaches

IMG_4973Coping methods that I use for Coaching anxiety. 1. Talk to someone that you trust and someone that is a great listener. 2. Surround yourself around positive people. 3. Listen to positive messages. Example:Motivational speakers, pastors and etc. 4.Leave coaching at the workplace don’t bring it home. 5. Meditate