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Awesome Low Budget Horror Film


The 2 leads are glorious, and this is an unflinching, intense addition to the werewolf sub-style of horror movies. It is about two loss of life-obsessed sisters, Ginger and Brigitte Fitzgerald. Brigitte involves assistance from her sister and the 2 run away while the werewolf is killed by Sam, a drug vendor, from his automotive. Ginger slowly gives in to her animal instincts, even passing on the werewolf curse when having intercourse, and adjustments fully before Brigitte and Sam may help her. Sadly, this attracts a local werewolf who promptly attacks her. This backfires and Ginger kills Sam after which is killed by Brigitte who can’t save her sister. I should say that I really enjoyed Ginger SugarSnaps. Ginger SugarSnaps is a low finances Canadian horror movie directed by John Fawcett. Ginger and Brigitte now should deal with Ginger’s transformation.

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